I have written a few pieces of software in my spare time, some of which I have chosen to release.

All software found here is released with no guarantees and your use is at your own risk.

Any bugs may be reported to software mcurry


Scan2PDF is a simple piece of software that allows an image passed to it to be written to a PDF, recompressed as JPEG. The location the files will be saved to and the JPEG compression ratio are customisable. All saved files are keyed with the current date and time in the format "YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.pdf"

I created this to fill a space that was needed from the scanning software that came with my printer/scanner - the PDFs it generated has lossless TIFFs embedded and as such generated huge PDFs! It also did not lend itself to remote scanning, despite having a network connection - this allows network scanning, which dumps all PDFs in a common location to pick up at a later date.

Download this file and extract both files.
PdfSharp.dll is the library used to save PDFs, as such Scan2PDF will not work without it in the working directory.

MP3 Renamer

Plain and simple: I got fed up with my MP3 library not being named as I wanted.
Chances are you won't want my format and there is no customisability availble, however, there are tonnes of other applications out can do that - I couldn't be bothered to trawl through to find a free one that met my needs.

What it does: rename the mp3 according to the tag data to a filename "{Track No} - {Title} - {Artist}.mp3"
Select the files, they appear in the list. Click rename and they are resaved renamed.

Download this file and extract all files.
The library used to get the MP3 tags is TagLib Sharp - MP3 Renamer will not work without the 2 libraries in the working directory.